Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Updated Reel!

1   Metalocalypse: Character Animation and water effect
2   Metalocalypse: Lava Bubble Effects
3   Metalocalypse: Character Animation
4   Dethklok Thunderhorse video: Character Animation
5   Dethklok Thunderhorse video: Character Animation
6   Dethklok Thunderhorse video: Character Animation
7   Metalocalypse: Character Animation
8   Metalocalypse: Polar Bear Animation
9   Metalocalypse: Character Animation
10 Metalocalypse: Character Animation (not crowd)
11 Metalocalypse: Character Animation and eclectrocution effect
12 Dr Who: Character Animation
13 Metalocalypse: Character Animation
14 Metalocalypse: Character Animation
15 Metalocalypse: Character Animation
16 Neopets, Beware the Night: Character Animation, Compositing, effects
17 Coffeemug!: Character Animation, design
18 Happy monster Band: Character Animation, camera animation
19 Happy Monster Band: Character Animation
20 Dethklok Murmaider Video: Character Animation
21 Dethklok Murmaider Video: Character Animation
22 Coffeemug!: Character Animation, design 

Metalocalypse, Dethklok videos, and Dr Who = Property of Titmouse Inc, and or Turner
Coffeemug = property of Nick Bane
Music by Toy Dolls